The mission of Fort Hunt Little League is to provide a quality youth baseball program for the Fort Hunt community. Fort Hunt Little League is intended to provide boys and girls with the opportunity to experience baseball in an atmosphere that encourages a

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Fort Hunt Little League News


Another great season is underway !


Send Team action photos to Lauren Colunga - -


HI BASEBALL FANS !                                                              FHLL 2017-3 - April 26 2017


We’re off to a great start on the season. The weather is working against us a bit but should be better as the week wears on.


Seeing some good baseball being played in all divisions this past week. FHLL has batting cages are available at Darsey Field, Hollin Hall Fields and Red Stevens Field. First dibs go to the teams playing that day. Schedule other times through our Field Scheduler Glen Copeland (   



Good mechanics are essential to success in all sports and no less so in baseball. For several years, we’ve been making MLB and college-experienced baseball players available to FHLL coaches and players to demonstrate and teach sound baseball mechanics for good reason. Players in every sport with good mechanics are more successful in the sport. And, we know that successful people – in sports, in business, in family and in all things - have more fun! Here’s the fun in a demanding game like youth baseball – focus on perfecting mechanics; everything gets easier and outcomes jump off the charts.

We try to provide quality instruction here at Fort Hunt Little League. You can also find good mechanics lessons online by any number of great ball players.



Here are the four basic rules of baseball. You can’t play hockey well if you can’t skate and maneuver a puck with a stick. Likewise, you can’t play baseball well if you don’t develop a strong arm and follow these basic rules. They apply at every level of baseball.

Image result for baseball action photos

Image result for baseball action photosImage result for baseball action photos1/  GET IN FRONT OF THE BALL – feet well apart, bend from the waist, back parallel to the ground, head up, glove forward - watch the ball all the way into the glove - cover with the open hand and make a quick transfer to your throwing hand. Avoid having the ball get too deep.


2/  THROW OVER THE TOP - Elbow toward the target, throwing elbow above shoulder, hold the ball away from the body, 4-seam grip, throw with an overhead arm slot. Master this throw; there’s always time to progress to other styles of throws. This is basic to playing good baseball; master this first.


Image result for four seam grip photo3/ USE A 4-SEAM GRIP – All other grips yield a slower throw which usually also swerves away from the target. The 4-seam grip gets to the target faster than any other and is easier to catch. Focus on the 4-seams grip from Day One until it becomes second nature.



Sound simple but many people throw to reach the target. The better baseball players throw “through the target” so the ball keeps its velocity and momentum well into the target. This throw gets there faster and is easier to catch than one that loses momentum and begins to fade as it approaches the target. To be successful, focus on throwing the ball through the target, letter high – every time!



Some say everything you need to know is inside you – you need but to open up, ask yourself the question at hand and let the answer reveal itself. That’s really not too far from the truth especially in athletic competition. That brings us to the perennial post-game question: “how was the game?”  How was it? How do you answer that?

The measure of a game for a team may reside in the final score but for the athlete it ought to, and eventually will, lay in the answers a player has to two questions: 1/ did you try harder and play better than yesterday and 2/ how near to ideal were your mechanics today?

These questions engage the mind and start a process of self-assessment; not coach-assessment or parent-assessment; self-assessment. This is when players learn they are always competing with themselves. They can only improve when they measure today’s performance against yesterday’s and resolve a better performance tomorrow.

Answering these two questions every day as a young athlete can be very rewarding. It can also be the first steps in a life-long effort to harness the mind and the spirit to get better in athletics, in school, in life. In this sense, we are all athletes. Whatever the game, we eventually learn we are competing with ourselves. For this we need to bring our A Game, everyday.


Barry Meuse, President

C   571.237.5403




April 18 2017

Hi Everyone – Great weather for baseball - Here's what's happening this week !



Note to Aspiring Catchers !   Bert Heffernan, MLB catcher, All-American Clemson player and All-ACC Catcher of the decade of the 1980’s is available to us this Friday and most Fridays at Re Stevens Field for the rest of the season for Catcher Clinics. These sessions are provided by FHLL and are important for players in AA, AAA, Minors, Majors, Intermediate and Juniors Division and for all coaches. Contact your Manager or Commissioner for availability. Sessions start promptly at 5:30, 6:30 and 7:30 each Friday. Catcher is an important skill position and we encourage catchers to attend at least two Heffernan sessions each season.



Saturday April 22 2017 at 4:00 Tony Castrilli will conduct our first FHLL Challenger Game of the 2017 season at Hollin Hall Field #2. All FHLL players and families are welcome to attend. Each Challenger player will be accompanied on the field by one or more FHLL or West Potomac High School players to assist them at bat and running the bases. All players should wear their FHLL uniform. This is our second year at hosting this very special event. Everyone in the community is invited. A cookout will add to the festivities.



We take a lot of pride in our Annual Spring Book which will be going to press next week. Most of the layout work has been done; now we need great game action photos to highlight on te cover and to fill out each Team’s page. So please send along your best dozen photos of your team by the weekend to Lauren Colunga, our new Spring Book Designer at 



Reminder – We have numerals for the new manual scoreboard at Darsey. This is perfect for kids of all ages who can walk the scoreboard catwalk and put up scores as they occur! Numerals are stored in the green Conex storage shed along the 3rd base line – look for a brown LL Bean cardboard box – enjoy!




HI BASEBALL FANS !                                                                                 April 3 2017

We’re off to a great start on the season. The weather seems to have finally broken and kids are out on the fields. I’m pleased to report registration remains robust at 590 players - age 4 to 16 - spread across 55 teams and 9 Divisions. I‘m also proud we have over 230 parents registered as volunteers as coaches, umpires, field maintainers and special events support. We are so fortunate to have such great support from parents and the community.


Opening Day was highlighted by the always eventful Parade of Teams and the Award to Hollin Hall Automotive of our “Most Valuable Sponsor” award for and extraordinary multi-decade run sponsoring Fort Hunt Little League. Thanks to the Harvey family and to Jim Harvey who accepted the award on behalf of his family.  Also, many thanks to Ms. Charis Conwell for a beautiful and moving National Anthem.


Last week in addition to several practices we (AA, AAA, Minors and Majors) played 14 games with many more to come. We are targeting 12 to 14 games for each player when possible. Games start this week in the other divisions.


Fields are in short supply this season with 2 fields out of commission at Stratford Landing, 2 out at Waynewood Elementary plus maybe reduced availability at Fort Hunt Park so we’ll have to double up when possible and make good use of batting cages and open space for drills. Softball has been very gracious in allocating field time at their Whitman and Sandburg complexes when available and we thank Staci Otto for that.

We are still cleaning up fields for the season so look for some additional cleanup work to take place this week at many of the fields plus some improvements planned for Fort Hunt Elementary and Darsey to get underway later this Spring.

Thanks to all of you who are grabbing a rake or two after practices and games, the diamonds are being raked and groomed and are looking pretty good. Please be sure to take off the base tops and rake the area around each base in addition to using the drag so we don’t get low spots at the bases holding rain water. Hand rake and drag the skinned areas after use so water will run off by grade. If there is standing water, use sponges rinsed into buckets; sweeping water off the fields just spreads infield mix onto the grass which can make matters worse.


Note that at Darsey, we have numerals for the new manual scoreboard. Perfect for kids of all ages who want to walk the scoreboard cat walk and put up scores as they occur! Numerals are stored in the green Conex storage shed along the 3rd base line in a brown LL Bean cardboard box – enjoy!


We had a great Coach Training session for T-Ball and A Division Managers and Coaches the prior weekend at Sandburg. The session was highlighted by coaching tips from our very own Danny Schourek. Danny comes from a storied baseball family and played and coached at the collegiate and high school levels including a State Championship during his 15 years at Madison High. He knows the game and is a great coach; we’re fortunate to have him here in Fort Hunt Little League.

We are blessed with scores of other great dad and mom coaches, umpires, field maintainers and special event volunteers – all giving their best to these wonderful kids and raising the bar with each outing. Thanks to all of you for giving of yourselves in the best and most unselfish way possible – with full hearts. We thank each of you.

Look for more information on Coach and Player Training sessions coming up this Spring.

As always, questions and suggestions welcome –

Best – Barry

C 571.237.5403


Parents & Guardians Reminder
LL Medical Release Form

Please print and complete the Little League Medical Release Form and provide to your child's manager by Opening Day. Here's the link:

Volunteer Application Forms

Required for all managers, coaches and officials. Please download, complete and return in paper form with signature to a FHLL Board Member as soon as possible. Managers should collect from their assistant coaches and deliver to Chris Lansburg. All FHLL managers, coaches and officials must also complete the online background check process (see Documents page for detailed instruction sheet). BOTH steps are required. The League pays all associated fees.

Key Dates for Registration 2017 Spring Season

Registration Closed for A Division thru Juniors

May 3 - Seniors (15/16) Registration Closes



  1. Little League International 2017 Season Baseball Age Chart is further down this page.
  2. Little League Approved Bat Rules (good through December 31, 2017, after which the new 2018 standard will come into play)


What is my son's or daughter's "Baseball Age"?

The FHLL registration system automatically calculates player baseball age for each player as s/he registers. If you are not able to register your player in a program, try the next younger or older program.

For more information on LL baseball ages click on the link to this article on the Little League International website. 

Click the following link for the League Age Calculator Tool.


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About Fort Hunt Little League - Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The Mission of Fort Hunt Little League is to provide youth baseball in a safe and positive environment to develop character, promote good sportsmanship and respect for others so players embody the highest and best values of this community and grow to become future leaders of this country. 

About Fort Hunt Little League

Founded in 1956, Fort Hunt Little League is chartered by Little League International, a not-for-profit tax-exempt organization founded in 1939. Little League International operates under a 1964 federal charter signed by the President of the United States and is located in Williamsport Pennsylvania.

Fort Hunt Little League Baseball operates under the aegis of the Fort Hunt Youth Athletic Association, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit tax-exempt organization founded in 1959. Fort hunt Youth Athletic Association provides organized youth sports in the historic Fort Hunt community of Fairfax County Virginia.

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Message from the FHLL President

Welcome to Fort Hunt Little League Baseball

We’re pleased to host one of Northern Virginia’s highest quality baseball programs for children ages 4 through 18. We continue a long tradition of community baseball in the historic Fort Hunt area of Fairfax County dating to our founding in 1956.

Fort Hunt Little League Baseball is dedicated to preparing youngsters to meet the challenges of life by developing physical and mental disciplines essential to success through competitive sports and the great game of baseball.

We play baseball three seasons starting with spring baseball followed by end-of-season Fun Tournaments for kids who want to play post-season tournament-style play against other District 9 teams followed by Little League All-Star play plus additional clinics for youngsters aged 5 through 8 in summer.

Fall Ball typically starts a week ahead of Labor Day and continues into early November. Registration for the Spring Season opens January 1 and typically closes the third weekend in February except for T-Ball which remains open until the third weekend in March or so and Seniors which doesn't close until the first week in May.

Registration for Fall Ball typically opens July 1 and closes the third week in August.

Fort Hunt Little League Baseball is successful because of the thousands of volunteers who have served in League positions both large and small over the years. You can volunteer when you register your player or by contacting me or any FHLL Board member.

Please don't hesitate to contact me directly for additional information.

Best - Barry

Barry Meuse, President
(c) 571-237-5403 

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FHLL Baseball Divisions

Fort Hunt Little League Baseball Divisions

Fort Hunt Little League Baseball is organized into Divisions. Because we want each player to have a great experience, we try to balance skill levels of each team so each Division is tightly competitive.

Each Division is arranged by Baseball Age, school grade and skill level. We understand the importance of playing with friends although our primary concern is to place players at the level where they can be competitive, learn to love the game, and develop their skills.

Descriptions of each Division are available nearby in "League Descriptions."

Target ages for the various Divisions are shown here. T-Ball and the A-Ball Divisions are designed primarily for kids to play with their friends so we place players in those Divisions by age and parent request.

Players in the AA Division and higher are placed in Divisions by an assessment process leading to Player Drafts. We designate plyers for a particular Division by a combination of skill assessmensts, Baseball Age and school grade.

At the Draft, Managers select players on at a time in turn until all players are taken. Parent requests for a particular Manager, Coach or teammates are made available to the Managers at each draft although Managers are free to draft any player available on the draft board.

FHLL Baseball Divisions - Generalized Age Distribution

  • T-Ball — 4, 5 & 6 year olds
  • A Division — 7 & 8; some 6s
  • AA Division  — 8 & 9; some 7s
  • AAA Division — 9 & 10; some 8s
  • Minor Division — 10 & 11; some 9s
  • Major Division — 11 & 12s; some 10s 
  • Intermediate Division (70' base path) — 11, 12 & 13 
  • Junior Division (90' base path) — 13 & 14
  • Senior Division (90' Field) — 15 & 16
  • Challenger Division - 6 to 18

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We Value Our Sponsors!

We Value Our Sponsors!

SPONSORS – Sponsor contributions provide uniforms and equipment and field and facility improvements. Sponsors are recognized in a number of ways and are all published in our very popular Spring Book which contains photos and rosters of all teams plus Ads for every Sponsor.

Team Sponsors have their name imprinted on player jerseys plus they each have an Ad in the Spring Book.

Banner Sponsors are displayed in a banner on the outfield fence at two of our most prestigious diamonds plus they each have an Ad in the Spring Book.

Full page color Ads in the Spring Book are real attention getters as are individualized Business Card ads.

Let us show you how sponsoring FHLL is a win-win-win - benefiting you, your company and our many Little Leaguers.

Contact Garrett Ford ( ).

Thanks for your support of Fort Hunt Little League!

For More info click here.


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Registration Open For...
  • Seniors 16U - 90' base path
  • Challengers Division
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Bat Regulations

Please read these Little League International Official Bat Rules before purchasing a bat for use in FHLL.

Volunteer Spotlight

All local Little Leagues are driven and sustained by volunteers, and the volunteer category that we (and other locals LLs) struggle to fill more than any other?  Not surprisingly it is the role of Umpire.  Please consider volunteering for this most critical role - see the FHLL Umpire links on the FHLL page for information about upcoming training opportunities in March that will help prepare you for this rewarding and exciting position.